Sunday, October 11, 2009

minus busyness, n i get?

he's just not tht into u. fullstop.

yeah, mama D asked me just now, "minus all his busyness jeje, wht else changes?". and i think, n think, n think. i can actually mke a list of it now.

1. he used to txt me evryday. now, all i do is txt him wout getting a reply.
2. we used to spend time together, and he was willing to spend time together. now, we rarely spend time together. n its hard to see him even tht we're in the same college.
3. he used to tell me where he's going, no matter how busy he was. now, i dont evn get a reply if i asked where he was going. n i didnt knw where he was, until haziq or smebody else told me. imagine hw i must've felt at tht time.
4. my msgs used to be in his inbox all the time. recently, i opened his inbox, and all my msgs were deleted. even the most recent one. all he hve in there was his friends msgs.
5. i saw an unknown no in his dialled list and sent items. i asked him who is it? he told me tht it was his friend. only tht the msg sent was" u oke?" n the time at which he dialled tht no was when he told me the next day," sorry syg, i ttdo da smlm." bcoz he didnt reply my msgs at tht time.
6. wht else changes? the way he treated me, n mke me feel tht i'm not important at all. i always end up getting my feelings hurt, sometimes i think tht he doesnt realise tht he's hurting me u knw.

one thing doesnt change. its the way i feel abt him. i knw tht he had tried too, in the beginning, to make this work. wht abt now? i dnt knw wht went went wrong, but it seems like we're drifting apart. but i dont wanna go and make assumptions this time, i guess lets see how it goes frm now. i'm taking in all the curses frm my friends and family saying tht i'm stupid, and tht ths thing will end like it did before. i believe in him this time, and i defended him, i wont let this goes to waste.

finally, minus busyness i get? him.

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