Saturday, October 31, 2009

rawatan muka.

damn. i woke up and my eyes were swollen. and it's still swollen now. no. i didnt cry much yesterday. i really didnt. and i dont have sleepless nights too, since i broke up with him. i guess talking about it actually helps. A LOT. so, i'm pissed at my eyes now for not returning back to normal. haish, its ugly to take pictures in this condition. i wanna show u guys my new hair cut. hehe. just a little cut to the fringe. but still, i wanna show it. maybe later, when my eyes are not swollen anymore. =)

btw, mom. i miss u. i'll give u a call later, okay? u're baby girl is singing to big girls dont cry now. and she's feeling really lucky, coz she have so many people who cared about her. and she's happier now, too. ;D

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