Monday, October 26, 2009

taik ati.

what's the reason for not answering my calls and text messages, and hanging up on me? fuccccckkkkkk nyeeeee! kau ney da kne rasuk hantu mne huh?

i know i said i will not whine much since i'm the one who wanted to stay with him, i cant help but do it. bear with me okay?

i wanted to trust u soooo badd, but how? u're stepping on my head everytime. what the hell is wrong with u?? i know tht there's ntg wrong with me, i'm just being me. but what about u?? i've never ever treated u bad in any way, but u're treating me like shit. yeah, like shit. come on, make me happy. i deserved to be treated nicely. damn, this is frustrating.

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