Monday, November 09, 2009

dark circles.

thanks to mimi for the fact that he doesnt exist on my fb and ms anymore. i know myself. i will definitely stalk his page, find out wht he's doing, how's he's feeling and of course, in the end i'm the one who's gonna get hurt. not knowing about him at all makes me feel okay. so friends, i'll appreciate it very much if u dont tell me wht u see in his fb page or ms page. just know one thing, i'm trying so hard to erase him from my life. its not easy, most of the time i find myself missing all the good times we shared. STUPID, yeah. so, to forget everything is the best way. i'm putting myself in a different circle from him. and i dont want our circles to meet. ever.

subang ni takla sebesar mne. i saw wht i dont wanna see most just now. my heart's strong though, it just keeps telling me to move forward, and never stop. well, it was nice seeing u together with her. ;) i'm glad tht u're happy at least. okay. one circle for u, and one for me. let's not cross each other's path okay? i had apologized to u yesterday, and i think everything's settled now.

p/s: i told mo yesterday, a great way to distract myself is by having a GREAT SEX with a freaking hot gigolo. =PP
well, tht's not gonna happen, sadly. haha.


Anonymous said...

jeje! MO gigolo kewr? ahahahahahahahahhahaahaha...seriously ROFL! ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
x sngke i taw...ok2.. nnt i story kt u kasi u clear... asal u x phm! simple jewr kowtttt!!!! inadey.. but if u dunt wanna noe pown i understand.. cme i brasap ngn dye arh.... dats all

Fifi Hanie said...

heeh, apa yang kau nmpk? ;p

btw, klu kenal mane2 gigolo, share yeah? jgn simpan sorg ;p

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

mama D : thanks. i rse i da phm story u. i rse dye ade bkak ur blog kot, n nmpk ur post. thts why i tnye u ade buh link kt fb u x. hehe. mo bkn gigolo kay, =)

fifi: aku nmpk... jeng, jeng, jeng. haha. okay, asal x treesome suda. kte share. =P