Wednesday, November 18, 2009


finally, i'm at home. last night, sharina and i did a lot of talking. since i cant sleep at tht time. haha. i dont know what's wrong, but i feel so restless last night.

anyway, today is the first day i'm home and boy, i woke up at 7 am. early huh? i figure tht i'm gonna help out with house chores today. ;) well, kak yanti wont be back here anytime soon. so, why not? to start off my beautiful day, i went for a jog at the park.

new mission: maintain current weight, or shed some pounds. possible? i dont know, i'll just have to try.

after the very exhausting jog,*i havent been exercising since like, FOREVER u know.* i started doing my assigned work.
1. do the laundry
2. cook
3. babysit

yeah, the list is short. but the work, is a lotttttttt. and by 5pm, i'm completely drained.
shakhina, this is only the beginning. =) cheer up would ya?

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