Thursday, November 05, 2009

ice, ice baby.

let both of u guys cool down first.
someone told me tht. i didnt understand, wht it means in the beginning. but it make sense to me now. i had wondered, why am i feeling shitty and stuff. its only the beginning right? i'm starting over, thts why its hard. all i need is time. days will go to weeks. weeks will go to months. and i'll feel better by then. no point in me being mad, it just shows how i refuse to let go of things between us. i've been thinking a lot about this, and i even get scolded for being soft-hearted.hee. give me some time guys, i needed tht more than anything. =)

i'm going to leave everything here after my finals. i had intended to go travelling, maybe with my little sister. yeahh, i'll get away from all of this and have some peace of mind. my last paper is on monday, 9th november. till then, i'm gonna just stay here, and BE HAPPY. ;)

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