Sunday, November 15, 2009

i'm counting the hours before i go back to melaka. i mean, i cant wait to go back home, but i feel sad too. subang is like home for me these 4 months. so many things have happened while i'm here. i have good memories, and memories which i wanted to erase here. i know, leaving is the right thing to do. one thing keeps bothering me. will i be able to really forget and embrace the changes here when i come back? only time can tell. things are definitely gonna change by then. and i'm scared. huh.

i am done packing and throwing some old stuff from this semester, and i'm all nostalgic now. shitt. i'm gonna miss all of u, this holiday. its a long one, by the way. till january.

i'm looking forward to spending my time with my siblings at home. ;) back to all the shoutings and yellings tht we used to have at home, i guess.


Fifi Hanie said...

hoh damn. aku rindu nak balik melaka!!! jealousnyeeee.

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

blk la mlk ouh. ble lg kau nk blk wey? haha.