Monday, November 02, 2009

kau aku

its funny tht when u apologize to me, i cn feel tht u're not sincere. u're lucky though, tht i really2 did forgive u. and u asked me to teach u maths for ur finals? wht the heck? lets be clear. i told u tht i dont ever wanna see ur face ever. so, go look up in the dictionary whtver tht means. and, do stop texting me. coz lets face this. i know u too well now, tht whtever u say doesnt give much effect on me. i didnt even bother wishing tht it was true at all. saying 'i love u forever' doesnt help either. it just shows how desperate u are to pass ur maths examination. hey, i'm not mean u know. i had sacrificed my time, and i had taught u a lot when we're together. now, go find someone else to teach u. i dont have time to waste for u anymore. however, i pray tht all of us will do well for our finals. =)

see, i told u to appreciate me. now u lose a good friend who cares about u, and a teacher, who's very dedicated.

it was true when i told u tht i dont know who u are anymore. u became a total stranger when u treat me tht way the other day. and i cant be friends with a stranger, u see. does it all make sense to u now? let me go. i want to be happy. my heart's healing fast, so dont u dare delay the process. i forgive u, just fucking go, okay.

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