Thursday, November 12, 2009

keep u much longer

you guys have been there for me all along. through ups and downs, i really appreciate everything tht u did for me. i love u guys, always. i'm listening to akon- keep you much longer. and i really2 wish tht i could keep you guys much longer with me. i cherished every moment of us spent together, and i hope there'll be more. ;)
sisters; toncet and sharina, cousin; nadia
neddy, mamak.
all the way from US; yayang
always there; mimi

mama didie.
aunt ninie and pak ngah.
iffah and din.

all of us; dayah, iffah and adeeb.

this little one keeps me going; baby sofia.
attn: these pictures are from my personal collection. some of you guys might not be featured here, because of lack of pictures from my collection.
attn2: apek, anne, sofea, haliq, adam and everyone else whom i forgot, thank you for being there for me too.


Anonymous said...

ahahaha..gmbr i yg x cun 2h jgk u bwk msok dlm uh kn... inadey!!! ahahahahhaaha... but dear.. thanx.. terharu i taw mke msok blog org laen! ahhahahahaahhaahahahahah... laen kali bwk msok newspaper okeyh... front page! ahahhahahahaa

cik EPAL said...

comelnya baby ituuu ;)

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

lol, mama.its from personal collection kan. nnt kte tgkap gmba yg lagiii lawa okay? =)

cik epal: yupp. i love her so much, tht little kiddo. she's so adorable! ;))