Sunday, November 01, 2009


mom called last night, she talked to me a lot. i havent been able to tell her the whole story, coz i was afraid tht i would cry so bad. it would've hurt her, and i would've never want tht to happen. and so i told her tht everything was okay, and for her not to worry. she made me laugh, i just cant help it. she really knows how to be silly at times. she asked me to forgive, and move on with life. which is exactly the thing tht i'm doing now. ouh, how she understands. i know i had wronged her a lot. being the stubborn child i am. i wish i could take back all the nasty words i had said to her before this. because in the end, she's the one who comforted me and make me feel tht everything's okay.

i had stopped crying altogether. her words played repeatedly in my head.i'll never let u down this time, mom. i promise u this. i know how much u care, and i wanted to make u proud. u had noticed me changing when i met him, and know now tht i'll be ur little girl once again. ;)

thank you mom. i might not say this a lot, but i love u so much.

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