Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ouh, brother.

my god, i'm so exhausted today! i didnt manage to wake up in time for my morning jog, but i did wake up in time to make lunch for my two lil babies at home. and ohh, did i tell u that its my brother's bday today? i guess i didnt. well, HAPPY 10TH BDAY, SHAFIQ! i'm just about done baking another round of cupcakes. only tht it looked awful this time. ;) no worries, its still eatable.

in two days time, i'll be away. first, back to kl for a day, then a week to kedah for my cousin's wedding. yeah, the break i wanted i believe. i'm really excited to go to kedah as i havent seen my relatives there for like ages. i hope tht they'll still be as warm, loving and fun like before. i'm crossing my fingers, here. hee. bless me with nice pictures, please.

and yesterday, erel finally took me and toncet out for a movie. it was fun, but the movie was totally BORING. guys, dont watch 'the box'. =)

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Anonymous said...

ini brther u yg hensem 2 kewr??????? i loveeeeee himmmm.. ahahahah