Tuesday, November 03, 2009

roda, ouh roda.

stop calling and texting me, aizat. i wont be answering, and i wont be replying okay? i told u tht its gonna be ur loss, not mine. so u're begging me now? u're a funny guy, u know. u SHOULD be thankful tht i had forgiven u. and now u're asking for more? come on, stop being selfish. u're trying to use me again for ur own good. worse than that, my heart is aching so bad everytime u do tht. please stop. i dont owe u anything, and i expect u to understand tht.

go meet ur math teacher, she'd be more than glad to help u. its not tht i dont wanna help u, but u're really asking for too much. and u're being a jerk all over again, thank you. good luck for our maths paper tmrw. we both can do this without each other. ;)

here's a question for all of u. how the hell am i suppose to throw my love away? it just stayed there, i love and care about him still. but not to worry, i wont ever go back to be his slave anymore. enough of tht, i'm immune to all his deceiving words now.

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