Sunday, November 22, 2009

cuppa cuppa.

sayang, did i miss our date yesterday? i'm sorry, I JUST FORGOT. i spent the whole day having fun, and i get around to finally baking my own cupcakes! i especially made these cute babies for the boys at jasin.

good luck cupcakes.

my mom said, for a first-timer i was doing okay. haha. well, i think so, too.anyway, i had FUN today. mcm da lme gle x balik maktab, but it was good to be there this time. it helps me get over things, ya know? still, i miss my friends a lot while i was there. it feels different to just be there alone, without, i told the boys, they should have fun while they can, there. coz i know that they'll be missing school too when they leave it. yeah, just like i did. ;)

okay, i need to get some sleep. i have to jog tmrw morning. haha. bye guys!

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