Wednesday, November 04, 2009


it is complicated when it's concerning FRIENDS. we've been in the same circle of friends, having fun together and all. of course, when things end up like this, its ugly. i dont blame them for seeing only bad things in me. they're his friends, and obviously they hated the things i wrote about him. get this point straight. dont u guys understand, that its hurting me too, to write things like that about the person i had once loved, and still in love with?dont u guys understand, that its hurting me, everytime i treat him bad? dont u guys understand, tht i had used all the strength tht i have just to face him again? i dont want things to end like this either. i had given him the choice, but he'd chosen to end it the rough way.

have u guys ever seen me cry for him? i bet u havent. because if all of u are good friends of mine, u would've known how much i had cried for him, how many sleepless nights i had have, and most of all, u guys would've known how much i had loved him all this while. its hurting me either way. cant u see? treating him bad hurts, ignoring him hurts, remembering the way he had treated me, hurts too. walking away from him hurts me so much, only mimi saw me being weak and cry. all i ever wanted is for him to be happy. and so i'm leaving him for good. being friends with each other wont help both of us, he should've known that. he should've think abt my feelings too, how it would've hurt me to see him again. haish.

nope. i'm not tht strong. the only way tht i'm surviving, is by pretending to be strong. its too long a wait for these wounds to heal, yeah. i can only pretend tht i'm all healed up now, to protect myself from being harmed further.there, i've said it all. i've failed to be a superwoman.

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