Wednesday, November 04, 2009

shades lacoste. nak?

haha. gamba yg hodoh bodoh.

i wanted to be happy. i tried so hard, from this afternoon until now, to forget how i had treated him. but i kept on thinking, whether i had done the right thing just now. yes, my friends said tht he deserved it, but why ouh why is my heart so soft? i know tht its stupid to still care about him, but thts how my brain function, sadly. penat taw kne mara dgn rakan2 sbb kesiankn dye. =) i know u guys care about me, and dont wanna see me hurt again. thank you so much. i'll bear tht in mind everytime i feel sorry for him okay.

aaaaah. letting it all out, feels so good. okay, i'll start studying now. ;))


dukturah zuhairah said...

shak! sdhnye.. tp xpe. wanita 1991 wanita tabah kot. hohoh. btw, klu free, cek2 la link nih. terbaek! =]

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

thanks a lott.