Thursday, November 19, 2009

sisterly affairs.

suddenly home doesnt feel so homey anymore. i thought u could understand what i'm going through, and i thought that u could help me go through this. u are my sister, afterall. i never really did have problems with toncet, she's way more mature than u. u are older than me and toncet, so why cant u just be more mature? grow up, please. i just want the three of us to spend time together. dont u get it? be it going to the movies, baking cupcakes, window shopping, cant we? things are already hard now, please dont make it harder for me.

i wish that u could see, how its killing me everytime we fought. and i wish tht u could just appreciate my efforts. i really tried so hard to get along with u, but its not gonna work if u're not trying too.

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