Thursday, November 12, 2009


spent the whole day with housemates and friends. jalan2, makan2, watch movie together.we watched 'pisau cukur', and i fell in love with shah reza. =)


a day out with my dearest cousin, nadia. mimi tagged along, but her pics in her phone, so i cant upload now. hehe. basically, we did the same thing in mid. makan2, jalan2, watch movie. and we watched phobia 2, which was scary at first, but damn funny towards the end. nadia and i talked a lot, about things happening now in our lives and about old times. i realized how i miss the old times, happy times, good times with my loved ones. who wouldn't?


Fifi Hanie said...

dammn aku rindu melaka.

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

haha. fifi, i'm not in melaka. and tht pic kat dlm train, dear. =)
anyway, i miss melaka too.