Wednesday, November 04, 2009

wow. wayang free!

maths exam is finally over. throughout the examination, i was having a really hard time to concentrate as he was sitting just a few seats in front of me. "xpela, kuatkn hati. jgn patah smgt." is all i keep repeating to myself. coz seriously, i dont wanna see his face ever. saket, taw x? okay, the paper was quite okay. easier than expected. i was satisfied with wht i wrote on the paper. lps abes exam, i pun chow tros cpt2. luckily mimi was reacting faster than me, and she ushered me out of the hall in an instant.

drama rtm bermula bila sy dan mimi berjalan ke pyramid. nk mkn disane and tros balik ruma, plan kami. all of a sudden, there's a hand jerking my right arm. "babi, terkejot aku!" was all tht came out of my mouth. it was aizat. i jerked my arm free, and i walked away. but he would not let me go. he said tht he wanted to talk. jadi, adegan tarek2 lengan berlanjutan utk beberapa ketika. yg menariknye, adegan ini disaksikan oleh org ramai. hingga ade yg berkate, "wahaaa, wayang free oi ari ney!". and i let him talk after tht. he asked why havent i been answering his phone calls and text messages. simple. i told him tht i dont want anything to do with his life anymore. rse cam nk jerit FUCK OFFFFFF je kuat2 time tu. tp adalah tidak sopan ye, berkelakuan spt itu di khalayak ramai. he keeps on saying tht he dont want tht, and begged for me to at least be his friend. i said no. i cant. and i left him there. he chased after me with his car, but i walked away. i dont know him, u see. he's a stranger. xkan nk berhenti and ckp ngn stranger?? hell, no. lalala~ go on, dream about it. ;P

i was ur BEST FRIEND, but did u ever appreciate me before? i cared about u more than anyone else before, do u remember? now, go on. live ur life the way u had intended to. and i'll live mine, HAPPILY without u. by the way, when i said, "kosong2 okay?" what i really mean was,"get the hell out of my life, sucker." get tht now? thank you, i love u too. muuuuaaaaahx! =P haha.

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