Monday, December 14, 2009

ayah mithali

my dad is rarely at home. he's home once a week maybe? and this holiday, my ultimate "to- do thing" in my "to- do list" is

to be a good kid, and listen to mummy and daddy.

which includes, less going out and hanging out with friends. and a curfew of 9 pm if i did went out. *well, the curfew is set by myself though. hehe.* anyway, a few days ago i decided to spend some time hanging out with apek and shamil. i've been spending my time at home all week, so i figured maybe i deserve to go out and have fun for a day. its not like i go out for everyday right? coincidently, my dad came home as i was about to go out.

"ko ney, asyik kluar aje. isk. x reti duduk rumah betol." says my dad.

i was like, wht??? u're not even at home all the time, and u're telling me tht i go out all the time? okay, tell me how does tht make sense.


Fifi Hanie said...

simpati siot, jadi baik pun tak dihargai.
the lesson here is to just go out ajelah wea. haha

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

haha. btol. tepat skali. lps ney, redah ajelag, kua ruma. ;))