Tuesday, December 29, 2009


if all of u were to be at my best friend's house last two days, u guys will think that i've become nuts. well, i had a lot of fun there. most of it come from indulging myself in food, food, food. what's more fun way to gain some kilo's other than gaining those extra fats with ur dearest friend? *okay. ready, get set, go!* tema dua hari tersebut adalah: marila bergemuk bersama. ;)

the moment i arrived there, i had to go to a kenduri of zana's neighbour= sesi makan sampai gemuk 1. *before that da lahap mkn sewaktu hantar sharina pulang ke johore. hehe. *

the next day, zana took the liberty of becoming the chef, and me co-chef and the dish for the day is: tomyam. bermacam2 ragam kami memasak,*walaupun sy hanya tukang rase aje.* akhirnye, dapatlah juga makan tomyam bersama bihun= sesi makan sampai gemuk 2.

petang tu, craving for food. jadi makanlah biskut jacob's banyak3 ngn milo= sesi makan sampai gemuk 3.

that night, aunty lin cooked masak lemak jantung pisang. which was amazingly delicious. i'm a first timer- bru nk blaja makan jantung pisang ngn jeruk limau. hee. tapi serious sedap. thanks aunty! =sesi makan sampai gemuk 4.

that same night, aunty lin baked bread for us. (hotdog bread, and bread with red bean paste filling) the fact that i loooovvvve bread so much, plus bread tu tersgtla sedap, sy pn bantai sampai empat roti. =sesi makan sampai gemuk 5.

waaaah. i'm sooo full at the end of the night that i quickly fell asleep, soundlessly.*kan2? x berdengkur kan zana?* i came home this morning, btw.

anyway, back to the part where u think i am probably nuts. haha. its nothing actually, i've been talling, or nagging to zana about my future plans and melarat sampai ke cucu cicit. last2 dye malas nk dgr, and i ended up talking to myself. which is, uh oh. uh oh. creepy~

attn: sejuta thanks to zana and her family for taking me in, those two days. dan lebey2 billion thanks to zana kerana sama2 menggemukkan diri bersama saya. love ya lots! muaah. ;))

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