Thursday, December 10, 2009


the biggest news in the world, now is...... no, just in sunway college. and no, just for MUFY students only. hey, our finals results are finally out. maybe i'm a little outdated because i only went to check my results after several friends called and texted me. but, yeahhhh. i've viewed my results.* after cursing in front of my computer for ten minutes, because i cant view the fucking page, only to discover later tht i had typed the wrong address. i know, smack me pleaseeee.* i couldnt say that i wasnt satisfied, but i just wished that i had done better. it was not enough for the requirement of jpa, but enough to get me to monash at least. i AM thankful that i had passed my chemistry, but not with flying colours unfortunately. issskkkk. okay, i need a brain transplant.

text me if u need anything. i'm totally disconnected from the cyber world these days. =)


meanie ninie said...

congratz! walaupon u tak satisfy,but i know u dah buat yang terbaik,kan? ade lg mase to improve,trust me!:)

Zairatunatul said...

wht do u mean tak cukup utk jpa?

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

fifi: mknenye, requirement jpa lg tggi dr monash. sungguhpun aku lps ke monash, kalo sangkut for jpa, x kemne juga.huu

ninie: thank ouhhh. mknenye next sem i'll just lock myself at home, and study. and study. and study.