Saturday, December 19, 2009


its funny because i went out today, and suddenly i'm reminded of my first unspoken love for someone by the name muhammad hanis. yes, its unspoken love ouh. i had a crush on him for more than 2 years. haha. well, i dont even remember his face now. too bad. i hope things will go that way for aizat too. haha. i could only wish.

i've been thinking a lot about the future actually. specifically, merangka first date nk ke mne with my next bf. haha. i know, i know. azam tahun baru nk bercuti dari bercinta konon. tapi x sala berangan kn?

okayy. first date, wajib makan di restoran ayam penyet ria cawangan sunway pyramid. haha. my fave restaurant awww. sy repeat, wajib. okay?

kne minum snow shake bubble tea, chocolate flavor. kena, mknenye x wajib la taw.

have to go ice skating, on our first date. *melampau ka? bknnye ape, sy x pernah lg ber ice skating slama sy hidup neyy. huu* pathethic. but have to jugak!

yg laen, akan difikirkan nnt. spe2 yg nk buat perkara di atas, marilah. sila isi borang. ;PP

lps tu, kami kawen nnt, sume org akn djemput. no worries. ;))

here i am, talking about my first everything. yeah. i remember all my firsts. ;)

first school: sk sacred heart.
first bestfiend: joan quek jo yee, we're bff when i'm in standard 5.
first love: muhammad hanis.
first kiss: he who must not be named. *voldemort kot. lol.*
first scar: when i was three, at my forehead. i hit the wall hard, coz my brother pushed me.
first date: with nazmee.
first job: cleaner at a guys dormitory. no. SERIOUSLY.

well, cant think of anymore firsts. ngahaaa. but i wanted to write about my first hubby, first child, first i dont know. i'm talking crap.


jack said...

sengal ahh kau!!hahaha

jack said...

sengal ahh kau!!hahaha

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

aku plak yg sengal?
iskk. ;)