Friday, December 25, 2009

result pmr sy adalah..

today, is like a big day for me. eventhough i'm not the one who's taking my pmr results, i'm still nervous for toncet. hehe.*i've been nervous all the time in subang, u see.* so, smlm dgn segeranye sy bergegas ke rumah dr subang untuk spend time with both my sisters today. but shit always happen right?

i dont mean to be upset on simple things, but sharina doesnt seem to understand sometimes. i am so proud of toncet's result, although she seems sad about it. and i tried so hard to cheer her up today. i expect the same from sharina too. but she just refused to spend time with me and toncet. come on, all i'm asking is for her to spend some time with us. it wasnt supposed to be hard when we're sisters right? okay, whatever. at least me, toncet and nadia still had fun. wish u were there too, though. but sometimes i'm tired of being the middle person who always have to be there, trying to make u and toncet happy. when are u gonna start trying too, sharina?

attn: i'm very proud of u toncet, no matter what. love ya lots. and sharina too.
attn2: cerita2 sy di subang akan di update tmrw. i had so much fun those 3 days, and i miss spending time with my friends there. huuu.
attn3: hehe. i've not found that special someone yet. kat fb n ms saje nk ade imaginary bf. ;)

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losers4luv143 said...

thx ouh.syg kaw sanad2~

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

haha. u're welcome, toncet. bontot besar~