Friday, December 04, 2009

talk about new bf.

during the time that i was gone, i revisited my childhood memories, and i believe now that memories are never meant to be forgotten. be it the happy ones, or the sad ones. even the ones we refused to remember, will stay there. simply because they are memories. okay, lets put it in a telenovela version. imagine urself as the poor girl who loses ur memory because u had hit ur head pretty bad in a car accident. u dont know who u are, or how u had come to be who u are at that time. i'm pretty sure u feel, EMPTY.

anyway, back to the story. as usual, my family and i celebrated eid adha at my granny's, in petaling. nothing much to tell about raya, except that its FREAKING HOT the whole day, tht it gives me headache. no, seriously. i was sweating and sitting in front of the fan, but still, its HOT. *mungkin juga kerana sy suda byk berdosa, kata rakan2.* who knows? haha.

the next day, all of us went to kedah. my cousin's having a wedding, so we spent another 4 days there before going back home. the journey from kedah to melaka,took around 8 hours, vice-versa. which is, time consuming, energy draining, butt hurting, along with everything else, u can imagine. still, it felt good to finally be able to gather all my family members under one roof. but, of course the feeling only lasted before all the arguing and cursing began. ;P yeah, thts my family. all in all, we had a safe trip and reached home safely two days ago.

approximately 2 hours after reaching home, la sistas a.k.a charlie's angels went to catch korean pop star, RAIN, in action for ninja assassin. i can say that his more buffed body is intimidating and worth drooling for. same goes for taylor lautner, in new moon, which i had watched online yesterday. (okay, see? i'm never discussing the movies, but the HOT guys in it.) haha. its never wrong to dream right? naaaaah. my next boyfriend will be buff. i've decided on that. =)

wait. wait. wait. not TOO BUFF. thts just creepy. i want JUST NICE BUFF. okay?


Nutty Nina :D said...

jeje, cmne nk tengok new moon on9 ek?
bole bg url dye x?

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

link dye da kne buang la qis. org tu remove video dye. aku pn da x bley view da.