Monday, December 21, 2009

up, up and away!

i'm extremely hungry right now part of the reason, maybe because i have to wake up early today. well, not exactly early. 11 am to be precise. some of u guys might be wondering, why on earth anak encik ahmad ni tbe2 smgt nk bgn pg2 kan? thanks to sharina, who picked the wrong day for us to make sushi. the thing is, i'm about to go back to subang at 3 pm today. thts why i have to wake up wayy early just so tht i manage to make and eat the sushi in time. *i know, bley bli aje sushi tu. but i want the home made one. with lots and lots and lots of fillings.*

anyway, i'm gonna be away for a few days. i'm not going back to subang to start my new sem, i just had plans with some of my friends there. right now i'm sitting in front of the computer, still havent take a shower, and i'm hoping i'm smelling nice. and i'm wondering when shamil will finally get up and fetch me and apek. please, i need to bathe soon.

hee. but luckily, sushi dah siap. and i'm going to eat now!

erm, can i wish for another thing for christmas? i wish that i'll lose weight magically, eventhough i ate like a pig. ;)


Fifi Hanie said...

haha, aku balik melaka, kau balik subang. heeeeee

jack said...

i wish to lose weight like magic too.puffff!lol~:)

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

fifi: iskkk. npe x ckp. aku bru blk mlk ney.
zana: come, lets pray tht kte lose weight tbe2. haha