Friday, January 08, 2010


i dont know which one is worst. losing a close friend, or losing the chance to work things out and start a new relationship. i think i had lost both. which is awful. okay, i'll admit that i sucked bad at relationships. i cant stay committed for more than 3 months in most cases, except for that one case lah. up till now, i envied every single girl whose had a relationship which lasted for more than a year. i wanted something that would last too. i wanted my own fairytale. but life's unfair. yes?

but i'm really trying to make myself better at it, if i ever wanna have one. just as my previous love-you-so-much-i'd-die-for-u story had ended up in the drain, i'm determined to stay single for a while. and to find someone i really liked before starting up fresh. its fun being single, to know that i have a lot of options to choose from, and to play cat and mouse sometimes. ;) whatever. the thing is, i'm ready to settle down now.* ceh, cakap gaya macam nak kahwin je. pegi bunuh diri sekarang!* its hard, after such a heartbreak, to try and let someone else into my life. but trying wont hurt right? well, i hope so. i have certain candidates in mind. GOD, GIVE ME SOMEONE BRAND NEW, SOMEONE I DIDNT KNOW AT ALL.


yayang.saira said...

eh, come you're saying all the things i cant seem to bring myself to say eh?
can be my avatar.

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said..., being ur avatar sucks okay?
nnt u jd gemok all of a sudden, terkejot plak. hahaha