Wednesday, January 20, 2010

gimme more. aww.

how do u define a stalker?
i believe that there are many ways for a person to be a stalker. maybe through social networking sites. thats what's common nowadays. but, what if u get a stalker in real life? someone who's eyeing u from afar, close enough to harm u? how's that then?

u see, i would say that today is an uneventful day overall. but i was safe in casa subang when mimi came to my room and give me a picture of ours. i asked her, where did she get it? that's the funny part. she told me that one of the guards in college gave it to her as soon as he saw her. weird thing is, she didnt know him, and it was dark. he couldn't have possibly seen her. unless he was familiar with her, familiar with me or familiar with both of us. its creeping mimi and i out, because the picture printed was from our phones and edited by us a week earlier. so, how did it ended up in wrong hands?

i still dont know how or why, but thank you dear stalker. u make me wanna throw up. shittttttttt.


Anonymous said...

ntah2 kn jeje... u guys terjatuhkn kowt gmbr 2h... just think positive.. if im in ur place.. mnakutkn kowt!

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

haha. tengah think positively la neyy.
i'm glad xde lagi kesah2 stalker ney. hehe