Sunday, January 03, 2010


okay, ramai2. mari kita semua tutup mata dan berangan sebentar. kata orang, seumur hidup ni kita boleh banyak kali jatuh cinta. tapi kita akan berhenti, bila kita da jumpa org yang kita tunggu2 selama ini. like, ' he's THE ONE '. or, ' she's THE ONE '. so, i just have this thought in mind. i'm wondering what the future will be like, for me. i'm curious as to what kind of person i'll be marrying, what kind of life i'm gonna have and stuff.

life will never be easy. finding our ways, and learning from our previous mistakes will help make it easier. when we fall, try to get back on our feet and walk again. i dont know what the future will bring me, but i freaking hope that it's good. i still dont know what to become, after i finish my studies. i want to become a successful person, but i dont knw what job i'll be taking. see, i havent make my mind yet. at this age, i think just about everyone has a clear vision on what they'll be doing in the future. sadly, not for me. scoring straight a's in spm doesnt help in my decision making. yes, i'm gonna take a degree in biotech. but i'm not sure if that's what i wanna do. u get what i mean?

i wanna have the opportunity to go and study abroad. i dont really mind studying in malaysia before this, but now that a lot of my friends are gonna leave the country this year, i feel the envy building up inside. this is what i had wanted since i was a kid. the very reason why i've applied and graduated from mrsm. the only future i had imagined. to study abroad. in australia to be exact. i know that there have to be reasons behind everything tht HE has laid out for me in life. but i want a second shot at it. please, let me graduate with such great grades this sem and make it possible for me to consider for other options to go and study in aussie.


cik EPAL said...

study study :)

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

yupp. study!