Sunday, January 17, 2010

the mango tree.

its' time to regret. its time to starve. its time to go on strike.

yes, the money from jpa is still not in my bank account. which means that i have to spend less, eat less and shit less. wtf? my classes starts so much early this sem and i feel like i could possibly digest a cow every morning. god bless me for eating a lot, but i need all the energy that i can get to survive the whole day in college. which also leads me into being as fat as a pig. i mean it. who's to blame? well i blame the money that doesnt seems to grow on trees. haha.

well, i'm counting the days before the money will safely be in my hands. i'm tired of calling my parents and asking for more money. i'm sure they have other things to worry about, other than me.

but someone certainly doesnt mind eating anything, including money. and still manages to look superbly cute while doing it! ;)

btw, kiddo. i miss u so much. u've grown a lot, i see. i wonder if u still remember me. haish.


Anonymous said...

who's that gurl? cm comey jewr... hrmmmmmmmm....jeje... papa u kn bleh than kaye... tapi under DUI larh plak.. xpe2..thngs will go back to normal nnt okeyh... promiseeeee

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

haha. tht girl's budak comey sofea la mama.