Saturday, January 02, 2010

mari membuat biskut!

yeah people, i've finally accomplished my long time dream. to successfully bake chocolate chip cookies. no, its not that i've never baked cookies before. but it just wont turn out right before this. and that is why, i'm so happy that i've found the right recipe to bake them. sebenarnye recipe ini dicuri daripada mama hanis zalikha. if u guys want the recipe, please visit her blog for more info.

and the moment that u've all been waiting for, is hereeeeee. nah, the pics before and after. i couldnt snap much u see, coz i was busy making it. ;)

the dough makes A LOT OF cookies, i'll assure u that. a whole big jar, to be exact.

sedap tawwww, rugi x makan. hehehe.

ouh, hari ini saya akan kembali ke subang. monday da kne register for class. i feel sad leaving home now. waaaah, there goes my home-cooked meals. back to mamak food now, i guess.

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