Saturday, January 23, 2010


i'm counting my blessings. when u watch a soap opera and cried for the sad scene, the feeling is totally different when u watch a story which is based on a true story. let me tell u, i've never cried this much before, just because of a movie. but 'one litre of tears' is so heart-wrenching, i cant help but cry, and cry, and cry.

ever heard of spinocerebellum atrophy before? well, i havent. until i watched this movie. it's a very rare disease in which it's causes remain unknown. the effects toward patients will be degeneration of nervous system and no cure has been found for the disease yet. imagine, if u starts to lose control over ur body, what will u do then? the sufferer of this disease will slowly lose the ability to walk, write and talk over time. he or she can even suffocate on their own saliva. it's really sad for me, to watch someone who was once as fit as a fiddle become so fragile and helpless in the end. she was so young, still in high school when she was diagnosed with that disease. ;(

okay, moving on. i've decided on my english research project topic, and so did my biology research project. haha. i've even borrowed the books needed for referencing. and i'll tell u this. the books are definitely equivalent to dictionaries and damn. it was so HEAVY that my arms are sore till now. not to worry, i shall work out enough energy to look at the books soon. as for now, i need to get some rest. =)

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