Saturday, January 16, 2010

the perfect bra

they say that the perfect bra completes u. it complements ur shape, giving u the boost u needed. and definitely lends it's support. if u have a bra that fits, u can wear anything and feel that u worth a million dollar, baby. u're comfortable in it, and it knows ur true colour. no matter what u wear on the outside. the perfect bra knows it all.

it knows how to protect u from being ashamed, just because u're not willing to show too much. it loves u, no matter what size u may be. what cup u may had. be it A, B, C, or D. it'll still be there for u. the perfect bra made u into who u are now. from just being A, to B. and maybe later C.

i need the perfect bra for myself. i know that someday i'll meet the right person. just like the perfect bra. and when i meet that person, i'll hold on to him. and i'll never let go. ;)


yana.kulup said...

hah.i somehow recall this statement from someone.hehhehe

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

is that so? haha.