Tuesday, January 05, 2010

riang ria hari raya

this picture was from the jpa meeting yesterday.

today classes started with bio early in the morning, followed by maths. in which both classes gave me non stop yawns, and tears in my eyes. *this is why i hated class early in the morning, mengantuk taw.* luckily there was break at 11. but it was still too early to go n have lunch. =|
have to get used to my new lunch time now, though. haish.

english was right after that, and followed by another break. this time, i went for lunch and catch up n my sleep in the library. last class for the day, chemistry.

today, i'm so tired i cant even think straight. and, i have runny nose now. thanks to mimi. ;( everyday's gonna be like this for the rest of the sem. i better get used to it.

ouhh, btw. i'm currently happy with mr. s.

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