Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sonia bus

so tell me how, i'm gonna find a glimpse of hope to make it across the sea when i already stopped trying? i'm in my most lazy state now, and shit. i hate it. i know i'm not born this lazy.*okay, i'm exaggerating.* but the fact is, i'm just totally lazy these days, and tired, and restless, and fat, anddddddddddd i'm whining a lot. well, i know that. ughhh. PMS ka? i think so. whatever it is, everything leads back to the fact that my timetable suckkksssssss. seriously, i have two breaks a day and malaysian studies class to attend in the afternoon. it doesnt matter how many classes i have a day, i still have to leave at 7am and be back at home at 7pm every day. its wearing me out, like, fucking wearing me out.

ouhh. did i mention that the busses that were supposed to be taking us to and from college, has been reduced in number? damnnnnnnnnnnnnn. and so,the probability of me standing when i take the bus is 4/5. which is just another shittt this year for me. (-__-")

no more fun for 2010. no more lepaking. no more staying up late at night. please, let this sem end fast. i'm tired. serious shit. i'm tired.

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