Sunday, January 03, 2010

to kill a mockingbird

its sunday, and tomorrow i'm going back to my beloved college to register my subjects and stuff. tomorrow, will be the first day i'm back in college after a whole month of break. and guess what? i'm nervous. i'm hoping that everything's gonna be okay for this semester. i'm counting on myself to make it okay. please, please, be okay.

for this semester i'm going to take ENGLISH PART B, MATHEMATHICS PART B, CHEMISTRY PART B, and BIOLOGY PART B. same subjects as the previos sem, but more complicated i believe. did i mention before this that i hate literature? yeahh. i hate it. and its all about literature for my eng part B. the others, should be okay. i hope so. i have to score wayyyy well this time, remember?

okay. enough moaning. i have to go read the novel now. "to kill a mockingbird". but, i still havent bought it yet. so how? haish.

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