Sunday, February 28, 2010

penang, pening.

yeah. i went to penang on friday, and i reached subang this morning. although i really dont seem to have any business to be there or anything, i just went there as a favour to a friend. while i was there, i took the opportunity to meet these people.

familiar faces right? yeah, old schoolmates.

penang was okay. but i was spending my time on the mainland only. my friends said that the island part was totally awesome. unfortunately, i didnt get to go there. ;( well, i'll leave that for another visit there then.

by the way, i found out that things didnt actually get better for me. in fact, its getting worse. and there's only one person, i owe a thanks to for this. yup. thank you, aizat. you must be happy now that i'm not happy anymore.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

happy now?

yes, i am indeed happy now. not because of anyone else. but because of myself. why do i have to hear u talking behind my back though? its my life now, stop meddling with it. u had ur chances before this. but u blew it. its ur mistake, but both our loss, i'll admit that.

hey, look. i'm tired of this. i've moved on. so why are u still stucked in the past? just do one thing. hope for my happiness as i have hoped for urs. is it that hard?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

replication of chromosome

i've been busy these days doing a lot of things. preparing for my bio test, doing my research project, to name a few. anyway, my bio test this morning sucksssss. and i hate inheritance chapter. my god, genes are so confusing. i didnt get to finish on time and that is the first time that i didnt get to finish, ever. it is so frustrating that i feel like going to ayam penyet immediately. so frustrating that it ruined my whole day. ;(

okay. this is my presentation picture. and i look fat. HAPPY fat though. haha. see, my arms are getting bigger, and bigger. which is, scary. huu.

moving on,

guys, u know tht i totallydefinitelysure am afraid of this creature. COCKROACH. my house here in subang have them. in fact, lots of them. but thanks to my housemates who's much more daring than i am, these creatures are gone before long. they managed to kill 25 of them the other day, including the BIG ones. impressive isn't it? i know, i know. haha. it shudders me even to think of it now. yucksssss!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

u wont understand

just when i thought i had it all under control, i was wrong altogether. i've been meaning to forget what day it is, but our friends reminded me. they'd be calling and texting me to remind me of this date basically. hey, i did not forget okay. i tried to, but it didn't work. thanks to our friends who are just so supportive. or they must've forgot how bad we ended things.

and thanks to u too, for texting me and reminding me of ur own birthday. how thoughtful of u. i know, u must've want ur bday to be a perfect one, right? but what's with u wanting me to wish u? u got me thinking, maybe its about time u let me go. i love how things are, in my life right now. and i hope for the same for u too.

so, happy birthday. i'm not evil, and i'm not about to ruin ur birthday. i wish that u'd grow up though, and start thinking about others.

Friday, February 19, 2010

letting go

tomorrow is the day. i've been excitedly waiting for this day to come before this. but too bad, when the day finally come, i'm not that excited anymore. letting go wasnt easy, and it can never be easy. i HAVE to do it, however. this time, i HAVE TO.

i'm saying goodbye to my old phone. yeah, i know. it's wayyy too old. two years with me, it's my everything. i couldn't imagine a day without it. i'm proud to say, that i used it very well. although i couldnt save it from dying in the end. haha. it'll always BE my favourite phone.

and, no blackberry for me guys. ;) i'm just gonna buy corby. its what i can afford. yeahhh, and i'm buying it with my own money. haha.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

muchas gracias

i dont know why good things ever have to come to an end. but it seems like it did, for me. and i hate it. i hate it. i hate it. when everything seems to be okay, when i started to feel happy and content with life, why ouh why its all taken away from me?

i can take it if i'm doing bad things, maybe treating anyone unjustly or whatever. but i didnt do anything like that. i must admit that this sem, i'm trying very, very hard to get along with everyone. and that also includes tolerating the ones whom i'd like to hate. that gotta count as a good deed right?

bottom point is, i dont get why being good to someone, and treating him totally good could end up with me being blamed for it. like, come on. wtf????????

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

heaven can wait

i'm in love!
with another mr. s. ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

sky's sweet, sugar's blue.

my vday sucks. how's urs?
i had planned to go out today, and have fun. maybe going out with my sisters or bff. choice no one is impossible, since my younger sis had made plans with her bf, and my elder sis is having trouble walking due to an injury. which leaves me with choice no 2, which isn't happening either,given the facts tht all my bffs are now wht? i just sat at home, and do nothing, which is driving me insane.

two things that i have accomplished today:
1. had a marathon of GLEE.
2. made the whole family, chocolate cakes. :)

haha, who says that i'm not useful when i'm at home? i made good food okay. trust me on tht. well, i suppose everybody loves it. dont ya?

ouhh. one more thing. my guy bestfriend is the best! minus all his teasing, tht is. haha.

Friday, February 12, 2010

V day

it came across my mind just now that i've been single for 4 months. yuppp. i never thought that i can make it this far, before. guess what? i made it! never once did i regretted anything that has happened to me. in fact, i'm thankful that it all happened. i've been more than happy these four months, despite being single. everyone's there for me. and, i had a lot of fun too. with less things on my mind, i can focus more on the people around me. great, isnt it?

but then february came. and suddenly, everyone's in love. and thats when it hits me. with all the dedication stuff for valentine's going on in college, i'm wondering, when will i be ready to start falling for someone again? i think i might be afraid of the word 'commitment' this time. i would LOVE to be in love, but if i cant commit, what good will it bring? being single is AWESOME, u see. ;)

still, i hated being alone for valentine's. last year, i spend it with my colleagues. this year, with who then? haha. come on guys, book a date with me. i'll be all yours that day. *okay, that's a lie.* three things that i want will be, the usual: roses, chocolates, and a teddy bear. go and get me some okay? haha.

ouh, btw. i'm going back home tmrw! hahahahahahahaha. *excited, excited, excited.*

Sunday, February 07, 2010

slim world

woohoo. yesterday was one of the most tiring day of my life, seriously. its like endless walking, and walking, and walking. it was worth it though. i'm glad tht we all had fun. dayah came on friday and she slept over at my apartment for two days. it felt good seeing her after such a long time. i miss hanging out with my old friends ouh. ;(

a lot of mishaps happen along the way to our destination, times square. first of all, bank islam buat hal. atm card xbley guna. seriously at ALL atm. we're going there to shop, and the atm card cannot be used? fuck. all of us uses bank islam btw. luckily i've already taken out my money a day earlier. in the end,those of us who cant withdraw money just borrow some from some of us who have other bank cards.

nothing as big as "cant withdraw money" crisis happened after that. just a few, like getting squashed by the monorail door,*thats me anyway.* and unable to find the items that we want. aww.we arrived at casa safely at 11pm. ;)

dayah, mimi, me and merah. not in the picture:diana

i wanted to go to the shopper's bazaar at ss15 today, but i didnt have time. next time maybe. ouh, and did i mention i wanted something for valentine's? go get me something, guys. hak3.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

screech, brake!

well, first maths topic test was yesterday. and chemistry topic test was earlier this afternoon. and i'm soooo tired. but, but, but...... i'm so excited that dayah's gonna come and meet me tomorrow. she's gonna be staying with me till sunday! *excited, excited, excited* bukan ape, rindu okay, lame da x jumpe, n borak2 tanya khabar.

okay, lepas tu saturday nak pergi shopping sama2. hehe. nak ikot? tag along, come, come!