Friday, February 19, 2010

letting go

tomorrow is the day. i've been excitedly waiting for this day to come before this. but too bad, when the day finally come, i'm not that excited anymore. letting go wasnt easy, and it can never be easy. i HAVE to do it, however. this time, i HAVE TO.

i'm saying goodbye to my old phone. yeah, i know. it's wayyy too old. two years with me, it's my everything. i couldn't imagine a day without it. i'm proud to say, that i used it very well. although i couldnt save it from dying in the end. haha. it'll always BE my favourite phone.

and, no blackberry for me guys. ;) i'm just gonna buy corby. its what i can afford. yeahhh, and i'm buying it with my own money. haha.

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