Sunday, February 28, 2010

penang, pening.

yeah. i went to penang on friday, and i reached subang this morning. although i really dont seem to have any business to be there or anything, i just went there as a favour to a friend. while i was there, i took the opportunity to meet these people.

familiar faces right? yeah, old schoolmates.

penang was okay. but i was spending my time on the mainland only. my friends said that the island part was totally awesome. unfortunately, i didnt get to go there. ;( well, i'll leave that for another visit there then.

by the way, i found out that things didnt actually get better for me. in fact, its getting worse. and there's only one person, i owe a thanks to for this. yup. thank you, aizat. you must be happy now that i'm not happy anymore.


nadd. said...

padanla the guys kecoh2 suruh dtg penang.u were there x?

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

haha. agakla. amie ade mention korg ade borak2 the other day.
kat sne? mainland xbpe la. but i had fun ngn all of them. hehe.