Wednesday, February 24, 2010

replication of chromosome

i've been busy these days doing a lot of things. preparing for my bio test, doing my research project, to name a few. anyway, my bio test this morning sucksssss. and i hate inheritance chapter. my god, genes are so confusing. i didnt get to finish on time and that is the first time that i didnt get to finish, ever. it is so frustrating that i feel like going to ayam penyet immediately. so frustrating that it ruined my whole day. ;(

okay. this is my presentation picture. and i look fat. HAPPY fat though. haha. see, my arms are getting bigger, and bigger. which is, scary. huu.

moving on,

guys, u know tht i totallydefinitelysure am afraid of this creature. COCKROACH. my house here in subang have them. in fact, lots of them. but thanks to my housemates who's much more daring than i am, these creatures are gone before long. they managed to kill 25 of them the other day, including the BIG ones. impressive isn't it? i know, i know. haha. it shudders me even to think of it now. yucksssss!

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