Sunday, February 14, 2010

sky's sweet, sugar's blue.

my vday sucks. how's urs?
i had planned to go out today, and have fun. maybe going out with my sisters or bff. choice no one is impossible, since my younger sis had made plans with her bf, and my elder sis is having trouble walking due to an injury. which leaves me with choice no 2, which isn't happening either,given the facts tht all my bffs are now wht? i just sat at home, and do nothing, which is driving me insane.

two things that i have accomplished today:
1. had a marathon of GLEE.
2. made the whole family, chocolate cakes. :)

haha, who says that i'm not useful when i'm at home? i made good food okay. trust me on tht. well, i suppose everybody loves it. dont ya?

ouhh. one more thing. my guy bestfriend is the best! minus all his teasing, tht is. haha.

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