Sunday, February 07, 2010

slim world

woohoo. yesterday was one of the most tiring day of my life, seriously. its like endless walking, and walking, and walking. it was worth it though. i'm glad tht we all had fun. dayah came on friday and she slept over at my apartment for two days. it felt good seeing her after such a long time. i miss hanging out with my old friends ouh. ;(

a lot of mishaps happen along the way to our destination, times square. first of all, bank islam buat hal. atm card xbley guna. seriously at ALL atm. we're going there to shop, and the atm card cannot be used? fuck. all of us uses bank islam btw. luckily i've already taken out my money a day earlier. in the end,those of us who cant withdraw money just borrow some from some of us who have other bank cards.

nothing as big as "cant withdraw money" crisis happened after that. just a few, like getting squashed by the monorail door,*thats me anyway.* and unable to find the items that we want. aww.we arrived at casa safely at 11pm. ;)

dayah, mimi, me and merah. not in the picture:diana

i wanted to go to the shopper's bazaar at ss15 today, but i didnt have time. next time maybe. ouh, and did i mention i wanted something for valentine's? go get me something, guys. hak3.

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