Sunday, February 21, 2010

u wont understand

just when i thought i had it all under control, i was wrong altogether. i've been meaning to forget what day it is, but our friends reminded me. they'd be calling and texting me to remind me of this date basically. hey, i did not forget okay. i tried to, but it didn't work. thanks to our friends who are just so supportive. or they must've forgot how bad we ended things.

and thanks to u too, for texting me and reminding me of ur own birthday. how thoughtful of u. i know, u must've want ur bday to be a perfect one, right? but what's with u wanting me to wish u? u got me thinking, maybe its about time u let me go. i love how things are, in my life right now. and i hope for the same for u too.

so, happy birthday. i'm not evil, and i'm not about to ruin ur birthday. i wish that u'd grow up though, and start thinking about others.

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