Friday, February 12, 2010

V day

it came across my mind just now that i've been single for 4 months. yuppp. i never thought that i can make it this far, before. guess what? i made it! never once did i regretted anything that has happened to me. in fact, i'm thankful that it all happened. i've been more than happy these four months, despite being single. everyone's there for me. and, i had a lot of fun too. with less things on my mind, i can focus more on the people around me. great, isnt it?

but then february came. and suddenly, everyone's in love. and thats when it hits me. with all the dedication stuff for valentine's going on in college, i'm wondering, when will i be ready to start falling for someone again? i think i might be afraid of the word 'commitment' this time. i would LOVE to be in love, but if i cant commit, what good will it bring? being single is AWESOME, u see. ;)

still, i hated being alone for valentine's. last year, i spend it with my colleagues. this year, with who then? haha. come on guys, book a date with me. i'll be all yours that day. *okay, that's a lie.* three things that i want will be, the usual: roses, chocolates, and a teddy bear. go and get me some okay? haha.

ouh, btw. i'm going back home tmrw! hahahahahahahaha. *excited, excited, excited.*


Hanie F. said...

aku pun dateless for vday
sob sob

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

yuppp. single tu awesome kn?
heyyy. but i thought ko da ade bf bru fi?