Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i'm at lost as to what i'm supposed to do now. i've tried so hard and i thought i had completely forget. i thought i've had all the strength to move on. i have moved on, so why is this happening to me? i dont know how seeing someone else can trigger all the things i wanted to forget. it was supposed to be the story of seeing someone else (dating) and forgetting all of the awful things. why isn't it happening?

god, i prayed so hard to forget. so hard. *and this is coming from someone who hardly prays.* i have to forget, i need to forget, i want to forget. please let me forget. i hate being weak. i'm supposed to be strong, i'm supposed to be immune from all of this.

i will be strong. i'm a strong girl. i've come a long way, and i'm not gonna give up.

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