Sunday, March 14, 2010

can i be ur friend, pretty please?

i had received a call from someone today. it wasnt a pleasant call for me, and i certainly wasn't pleased with the identity of the caller. let's just say that, i dont understand why some people cannot move on and let me live my life happily. i'm really tired of trying to figure out the intentions of people around me. seriously. this female caller said that she wanted to be my friend, all of a sudden. i was like, wth? yeah, i know who she was, and our last conversation if i had remembered clearly, wasnt actually nice. i mean, both of us were in love with the same man, i'm sure u can imagine how the conversation was like right?

i wish that nothing could ever remind me of the one mistake i regretted most. i wish that no one would remind me of that. and i certainly wish that i would not be associated with the people from his past. especially not his ex girlfriend. her intentions were pretty clear when she called and asked to be my friend. and it rings BAD INTENTION. so, i better watch out for this one.


yana.kulup said...

hey who's the girl?
tell me or i'll bite u!

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

adeeb, will ym u later.
i cant write it here. but i'm pretty sure u can guess. ;)

yayang.saira said...

i ke?hahha

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

yanggg. DUHHH. not u laaaa,