Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i envy you. a simple sentence that holds a thousand meanings to it. i envy you, because you came from a great loving family, because you're rich, because you have a loyal boyfriend, because your relationship lasts, because you're beautiful, because you're beautiful plus clever. yes, i envy you.

i love being me, but i still envy you. yes, you. ouh, you.

this week is a less stressful one. no tests, just presentations and movie sessions. i love, love, love not being busy, but it seems like i missed out on a lot of things while i'm busy doing nothing. next week is my bio test, and i sure hope to buck up this time. i should start worrying about my grades now, since i have submitted the application form to monash uni. my first choice is biotech, second, food science and third.... nevermind. i love food science though. jpa wanted me to take biotech, but i hope i can major in food technology under biotech. hehehe. okay, time to sleep is running out! i better not cut it down anymore. ;)

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losers4luv143 said...

eyh!aku da stop kn blogger wt semetare waktu.ko nk tawu pape psl aku,juz bukk website ni.