Sunday, March 14, 2010

fakers, fuckers.

i'm upset again with the 'so-called' friends. i'm wondering now, why am i surrounded with fake people? i wish that i could be back in high school where friends are more true to each other, and more innocent. where friends would avoid hurting each other's feelings. its saddening to think of all the good times i had with my good friends back then.

i hate to discover the fact that, as people grew older they got more evil. i'm not saying that i became a better person myself, but i hate to look a person in the eye and deliberate on their honesty. or even laugh silently at how fake they are, u know? that's why i tend to stick with old friends, whom i know would always be there for me no matter what. whom i know could stay true to me.

i'm officially depressed. life's frustrating, everything's frustrating now. i tend to sleep, and wish that i'd never have to wake up. isn't that a big enough sign of depression? i'm really tired of putting up a smile for everyone to see, when indeed i dont feel like smiling at all.

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