Wednesday, March 03, 2010

lies, and more lies.

lies. its the thing i hated most in this world. its not that i didnt lie, its just that i hated the fact when people are lying to me. it hurts. it definitely hurts. these days have been less than bearable for me. the stress is building up, i feel like crying everyday. and i'm not clear as for what reasons i'm feeling this way.

i guess i'm disturbed by the fact that there's certain people who's not pleased seeing that i'm happy. i've stayed out of trouble, i tried to make everyone happy. but i still dont understand why my efforts are in vain. i wanted to trust everyone so bad, to think that i'm safe for once, that there's no hidden motives in someone else's kindness. it doesn't seem to be happening.

what happens when the friends u trust betray u, the things u believe in were nothing but lies? just when i open my heart to accept and trust others, why did it have to be crushed again? i didnt ask for this. i'm so confused. i dont know who to trust, who to talk to, life's hard, everything's hard and i'm all alone. i've been holding up for too long, i guess. bottling up my feelings was never a good idea.

and now the tears cant stop falling. ;((

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