Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i dont know how my rm 2500 dissapear in just a month. well, not exactly dissapear, but its finished. no, i dont think that i'm spending too much on shopping. its the cost of living here basically. i spend most of my money on food, groceries, and college stuff.

okay, college stuff include a lot of things. from photostating to printing to stationeries, to guides, manuals, exercise booklets. yeah. i spent hundreds on that. really, this semester is all about giving out money for education purposes.

since i'm living on my own, groceries are at my own expenses. i didnt get to shop all i want and have everything sent to me since mom and dad never seems to have time to send me here. unlike my elder sister who saves a lot since she shop at home and didnt pay a single cent for it. yeah, and my mom and dad will always drive her back to her uni. unfortunately, not for me though. i have to take a bus to come back here and therefore couldnt bring so many things with me. in fact, i didnt shop at all, at home.

having the water machine at casa subang damaged is not good either. i used to spend about rm 5 for mineral water per week. but now i have to buy bottled ones, which would cost me about rm 5o per week. thats a whole 10 times difference, man!

god, now it makes sense where all my money were spent. problem is, i'm reluctant to call home and ask for money. i mean, come on. 2500 for one whole semester gone in one month? its gonna be hard to cope with that. i'm officially broke for now. i feel like getting myself a part time job. but i dont think i can squeeze some time for that. worst of all, i'd hate to be a burden for my parents.

i guess its a good time to not eat anything and save what little money i have in my bank account.

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