Wednesday, April 28, 2010

don't cha?

my baby c got back home safely. ouh, lega gilaaa. and yeah, dah lepas dah rindu dia. haha. today was uneventful except for when i got asked to my graduation night by someone i dont really have the intention to go out with. so, i said no politely. actually i have in mind a certain someone who i'd love to take to grad night as my date. two important letters that you guys have to watch out for: I.D. :)) (might be his initials, might be his nickname, you guess!)

lets just hope that i'll get lucky somehow!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bila baby C kembali

i cant wait to fetch my baby C tomorrow from the doctor's! ouh baby, please be okay? i miss u so much. four days without you is killing me. ;(

hehe, mood terus jadi elok nak pergi fetch him tomorrow. i sure do hope nothing will spoil my good mood. kan?


i think i need energizer bunny to be with me all day long. ughh. it has been two days in a row where i sleep and had been dreaming the whole time that i was sleeping. i hated that, since i felt awfully tired when i woke up. ;(

if i was dreaming about stefan, i'd be more than glad not to wake up. but i was dreaming about some old guy, and i was running in my dream, which is tiring, up until i wake up! i've been zombie-like as a result of this. god, i miss my dreamless sleep. quality sleep, ouh quality sleep.

anyway, i went makan at pak cik's just now and my favourite dish was not there, another downside to my day. the great thing about my day is, i managed to grab a few shirtless pics of stefan. sexayyyy~ well, he made my day a wonderful one i guess. ouh, did i mention shirtless?

mufy graduation night is on 15 of july. i'm thinking of who to take as my partner there. haha, i'm slowly going through my list now. hopefully i'll come up with one, by that date. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


it was meant to be a boring weekend, but mimi, merah, diana and i decided to get our arses off casa subang. mimi wanted to go to jalan masjid india, and so all of us tag along. i am tired and exhausted as i havent had aproper sleep in a while. deprivation of sleep makes me walk and act like zombie all day! haha, gerammmmm i was so sleepy. anyway, when we were at kelana jaya lrt station, we met this korean guy. he looks young, 20 something maybe. he was asking for directions to go to klcc and we helped him.

entered the lrt, and there he was sitting next to me in the end. we talked and talked and talked until i got off at my station. haha. turn out he was 38 and double my age.

him: no, u're silly. i'm not married. i'm single. i love traveling, that's why i stayed single. easier that way.

haha. here's this 38 years old guy who's still single. i admired that. maybe i can stay single too! ngahaha. not for that long i guess. mati all my eggs nanti. tak sempat nak have a child. so i gotta get married before that laaa. because i know i wanted to have kids, and would never trade that for anything. ;) he's been here before, 11 years ago he said. when klcc was not even here yet. and he's been an engineer for 17 years. he came here for a job interview and decided to go sightseeing before the interview. but seriously, he didnt look that old! i thought he was 20 something taw. lol

haha. mimi curi2 amek gambar.

the day went on well, except for the fact that i'm phone-less now. i have to send it for repair. and i'm cranky now without my phone. seriously, gerammm.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

dear dad, happy birthday.

its dad's birthday today. his 51 years of living on this earth. still, he's good at keeping and hiding secrets. i wonder how long will he keep it? i doubt that he'd even have any intention on letting us in on his little secret. i'm tired of acting like the happy middle child when everything's a wreck. i'm also tired of him dragging mom down with his issues. sadly, i never get tired of missing him, and hoping for every second that things could get back to how it used to be. we used to be happy. why aint things the same now?

i love you. i hope you'd never forget to love me dad. i'm just scared that you will forget about us. i'm scared that you will forget that you have a family that needed you more than anything. i'm scared.


geramnye laaa. kenapa ditimpa nasib malang lagiiiiii???? adoi. i really, really need my charger. i cant live without my phone for even a day. shittt. i hate it when i'm unreachable! damnnnnnnn. menyesal tak pakai sony. charger samsung dalah susah nak cari.

Friday, April 23, 2010

madly in love!

last night i slept at around 3am making some amendments and preparing myself for the presentation today. everything went well and i'm more than glad as soon as i finished as there'll only be one more presentation left for this sem. i practically have about for weeks before finishing mufy, and i seriously cant wait! apek had planned a vacation for us, and i definitely miss having fun with adam, shamil and aniq in our previous vacation. this is maybe the last time all of us spend time together before apek fly off to canada in august. i'm gonna miss him, seriously. anyways, i bet some of you are curious about my confession on fb that i had once again fallen in love with someone. hehe. let me introiduce him to you then.

its one of these guys. gorgeous aren't they?

ian somerhalder@ damon salvatore. not this one, sadly.

my new bf: paul wesley @ stefan salvatore from vampire diaries.
haha. well of course, guys! like seriously, i dont see myself being in a relationship anytime soon. so, no worries. i'd hate to fall for the wrong guy and repeat my mistakes, once more. lets talk about stefan shall we? i know if u watch this series, u'll tend to love damon because he's evil and simply mesmerizing. i love him too, but i've vowed only to like good guys. thats why i chose stefan instead. haha.

for those of you who havent watch this series yet, i'll strongly recommend you guys look it up and download it. its the best vampire story i've watched so far, even better than twilight in my opinion. u know my simptom of being in love is lack of sleep? yeahh. i get that while watching this series. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

kira bulu kambing biri biri kan.

activity, activity, activities? i need some of that now. i've been stuck in my room here in casa for two days now and its driving me crazy, partly because i dont know what to do. no, its not that i dont know what to do, i just dont seem to have anything to do. i'm about done doing maths stuff for my test tomorrow, and i have a couple of novels to read. but seriously, i'm at loss in trying to entertain myself. stalking fb pages pun dah ada major "tick" in my to-do-list.

tomorrow will be the first day i'm out in public. i'm going to college starting tomorrow. who cares if my mc have another week for me to rest, i just cant bear living at home. it sucks here, imagine no tv, no astro, no grey's anatomy,house,private practice,ugly betty, glee, NO. NONE of that here. so i might as well go to college and work my arse off for finals nanti kan. the thing is, my face looked horrible! i'm scared that people are gonna stare at me tomorrow. yeahhh. and did i mention that i'm having yet another presentation on friday? ughhh. this sucks. but look on the bright sight will ya? it's gonna be my second last presentation! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

lost my muchness have i?

its sunday and i'm already back here in subang. i have anther 10 days mc but i just cant afford missing out so much before my finals. and mufy is coming to an end. i am certain that there's a lot of things that are different for me this sem. i definitely have given my all, i've been tested physically and mentally, and i sure hope for good things to bloom from my effort. kan?

i dont know why, but i finally realized that i've lost my "muchness" and whatever it is that makes myself who i am today. yeah, i know. they say that people change. if not for the better, maybe for worse. as for me, i change for the worse. losing my "muchness" for more than two years had cause me to lose opportunities, my dreams just slipped away, and i settled for something less than what i deserve. i wish i could tell all of you that i haven't divert from my path. sadly, i have. i wasnt like this when i was younger. i was lively, excellent, active, just about everything. i was much, much more than this. thinking back now, i wonder, where have all my "muchness" go?

it couldnt have just dissapear in thin air right? it must be there, right inside of me. all i have to do is just dig it back out. i want my muchness back! i dont wanna be just good, but excellent in whatever that i am doing. i need to revert back to my old self. i need to think more, and act less on instinct or lust. but how to do that actually?

well, i'll be taking babysteps then till i can finally walk and run again. my "muchness" will come back to me then.

here's another thing that i'll definitely miss. my clear skin and soft hair. this picture was taken two years ago.

and the person next to me is someone i'll always miss and love. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

chicken what?

guys, i know i said i'd upload the pics for the other day. but i just cant make it. i've been down with fever, and just as i thought i was healing, i get this small dots on my skin. at first i thought it was just pimples. but then its watery, and my headache just gets worse by the day. it never dawn on me that i might be having chicken pox, but the doctor confirmed it! i was given 14 days off. can you imagine? 14 fucking days!

at the moment, the thing that's killing me is how much it itches! yeah, it damn itches. especially on my head. the worse part is i cant even scratch it!!! its really tiring to endure sleepless nights being itchy, i can tell you that.

life goes on. i guess i have to finally face the fact that i'm gonna have pox marks all over my face after this. its a nightmare. it really is.

Monday, April 12, 2010


its the beginning of my 1 week holiday and i'm already pissed, bored, fat, u name it! i reached melaka late on friday, and on saturday myself, nadia and shahirah had fun dengan erel watching date night and karaoke-ing. i'll upload the photos later, since i cant seem to find the cables now. haha.

well, anyway. today lets talk about annoying guys who gave me the tendency to be annoyed 24/7. there's this guy whom i helped, this guy who helped me, this guy whom i like, and this guy whom i just feel like shoving a broom up his ass! so, in total there's four of them. i'm lazy to elaborate more, since its like annoying altogether.

but here's the thing. after this i'm not gonna spare any mercy or help anyone or ask anyone for help! its really annoying to have everyone texting me the whole day, falling in love with me la, segala jadah haram tu sume la. i'm pissed off, coz they dont seem to get the fact that i'm not interested. STUPID.

and, korang pun mesti pernah jumpa lelaki mulut macam longkang kan? yeahh. tht's the type i hated the most. its a guy from college, and he keeps on saying bad things about me. like, come on. dont you have balls? bodoh gila. depan i, dia tak berani nak cakap ape. but dekat fb bukan maen lagi kutuk2 i. i was like, hello mr ball-less, you dont know me. so wtf? i hate people who love to judge me without even knowing me. lagi superb bodoh! huh.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

don't try this at home.

ouh, barulah i paham why orang slalu suruh buat banyak2 copy of things yang involving important documents. its not that i'm not thinking of doing it, mostly i just forgot. and last night in my half-sleeping state, i had click "NO" when microsoft word asked whether i want to save the document or not. the rest is history. i've lost my 15 pages of hardwork and effort in a blink of an eye. haha. i pretty much feel like jumping off casa subang at that time.

i skip two of my classes today and went home early just to finish that paper, it was due tomorrow. and i still have another research to write on to be submitted tomorrow as well. :(( i mean like, two papers in one night? that's crazy. i'll never do this again. it feels likeeeeee, shit.

so, after 5 hours i finished writing 15 pages of the first paper. now i'm moving on to the next paper. pray that i'll get it done by midnight! huuuuuuuuuu.

moral of the story: ALWAYS make a lot of copies for everything. i mean, seriously. EVERYTHING.

lebai malang

apakah malang nye nasibbbb. research project yang dah di save, hilang pulaakkkkk! i have to submit it tomorrow. good luck in doing two research project in one night, shakhina.


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

hard work itu apa?

i've been busy studying a few days ago. finally, i'm done with my tests for this week. which is basically english and chemistry.

but nope. i'm not done yet. i have two research projects to submit before friday. like seriously. i'm super busy now. ughh. though i cant wait to go back for my mid sem holidays starting this weekend, i still have to face another two more painful days trying to finish my researches. ;(

hey, look on the bright side kay? i'm gonna be enjoying myself for the one week break. like seriously, i cant wait! sharina's having her break too, wouldn't it be great? i'm sure it will.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


ooops! i lupa i dah pinkie promise ngn my gay friend, not to mention the things he told to anyone. so, to anyone who did read the "no offense" post just now, diam2 sudah ehhh. i've deleted the post untuk tidak mengaibkan sesiapa.

but i'm still grinning now, knowing the truth. :)

udang bakar

talking about yesterday. i had an extra class for chemistry, which sucks because its a saturday. it ended early, so i'm not gonna complain much. anyways, my mom and sister and my favorite baby boys came and stayed at granny's house. so, i planned on visiting them.

i took ktm as usual. but when i arrived at kg dato' harun's station, i got lost trying to find my way to granny's house. seriously, i'm a loser when it comes to finding directions. i was walking for 30 minutes under the hot sun, skin burning and all before i finally reached grandma's house. itupun, thanks to toncet who went out to look for me. hehe.

family time, is always quality time. my eldest brother came, and treat us lunch. the talking and laughing and yelling seems familiar. as if i was at home.

overall, i had a great time. and of course, i cant wait to go back to melaka next week for my mid sem break!

Friday, April 02, 2010

high heels

seronok tak tengok orang yang sedang madly in love? i find it amusing, and annoying at the same time. amusing because, its likely that he or she is happy and is being silly. annoying because i'm just jealous. :)

well, i'm gonna talk about head over heels today. head over heels in love, i mean. and no, not about me. but about the people around me. my guy friends especially. its entertaining to watch the "ladies man" go into retirement. i mean, seriously. two of my guy friends fell so hard for their current obsession that they seem to be in a daze all the time.

one of them is my dearest college mate. gosh, was he so smitten. bercakap pun dah macam tak tentu hala. i find guys who are in love cute, in a way. the way they talk about their feelings and all, *obviously i was the one listening to their problems* is priceless.

and one of my best guy friend, who's currently in a relationship with his obsession, finds it hard to go through a day without her. its funny when i think back of how he used to cheat on his girlfriends and tell me about it. haha. yeah, he might've change for the better. or maybe not.

both of my guy friends ney, have one similarity. masing2 mengejar their obsession for quite a long time. months, in fact. but yang sorang dah dapat. the other one, masih lagi mengejar. and both of them are good-looking, but still, kesian bila in the beginning both tak di layan oleh si dia.

kisahnye, bila dah dapat si dia, lekas bosan. macam yang terjadi pada my guy friend yang dah dapat his obsession tadi. cehh. baru nak puji, kononnye dye dah berubah. (-_-") silapppp.

hehe, i'd like to make a rough conclusion based on that. guys love to play catch. if they didnt get it,they wont stop. but once they get it, they tossed it away. just about right huh?

however, my collegemate just now would like to prove me wrong. i'm hoping that he can prove me wrong, coz it seems like he's got the best girl ever. like, seriouslyyy. they'd make a perfect couple. but the fact is, good people are willing to change. the bad ones, however, will continue to play their little cat and mouse game. so typical.


Thursday, April 01, 2010


ouhhh, hari ini hari yang eventful. sebab terselamat nahas lif. huuu. anyway, lets start from the beginning shall we?

MUFY GAMES, i believe an event once a year has failed to grab my attention. and so, myself and girlfriends decided that we're gonna do apartments and condos search. we're moving out from casa after mufy, afterall. better be prepared, so they say. we took shuttle bus and end up going to pyramid since we dont exactly know where to start looking for the house.

and we end up eating. and eating. and eating. stopped at 3 places to eat, got tired and went back to college. like, wht do we intend to do just now? ouh, neverminddddd.

went back to casa, and waited for the fucking lift. 2 were not functioning, so there's only 2 more left. with tons of people trying to go up, we were stucked at g floor for 20 mins. damn it. then, miraclely, one of the unfuctioning lift started to function and all of us went inside.

the lift door closes, and 10 seconds later, the lights went out. from inside the lift, all of us can feel the elevator shaft went down, as if someone was releasing the cable. i was scared. luckily we managed to contact the security. and after 5 minutes stucked in there, *imagine, the lift was FULL, and stuffy* the lift door finally opened and all of us scrambled out for fresh air.

huh. first time i got stucked in the lift. not so lucky today, i guess.